Hi! I'm Julia

I use She/Her pronouns

I'm a sophomore at the University of Idaho, pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science with a minor in music. I'm interested in low-level programming, Robotics, and 3D graphics (most recently OpenGL). Though as I'm writing this, web development might find a home in that list. I like to learn new skills and concepts to develop clever solutions to solve difficult problems.

I have a love for playing Trumpet and making music, mostly in contemporary and jazz settings. I also love talking about and analyzing music used in movies, musicals, and video games. Music and I have a storied history; its an integral part of my identity.

A long term goal of mine is to be able to express both of my interests together, combining music with computer science. Some of my other smaller interests include Drawing/Watercolor painting and graphic design.

I'm a trans girl, and I'm still learning who I am. I chose the domain JuliaViolet.dev since it's a concatenation of my first and middle name.